Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Boys will be boys

Yes, we've gotten out the dirt bikes and 4 wheelers again since I posted pictures last time. Actually, we've been out to Garden City a couple of times and been out riding at the river. 
Did I mention that Bryan and his brother Blake got dirt bikes. 
Oh, my, they are cool bikes! 
But dangerous looking. :) 
His Dad Steve and Grandad got new 4 wheelers also. It was time to add to the fleet. 
All the guys got Hondas. 
You can't beat a Honda. 
I have lots of pictures to share, and they were all taken by the boys of each other. Actually, most of them were taken by Bryan's brother Brad. He takes awesome pictures, and really great action shots. (This is why I don't have any pictures of him to show. He was always behind the camera!) 

Here's my guy! He is a great rider and looks pretty awesome, huh!
Here's Blake...
He's a daredevil too! 
And, here are the new 4 wheelers! 
These machines are awesome!
The two drivers are even more awesome!
And, finally...
Yep, that's me! 
I am pretty sure I was taking a short break to watch all the jumping.
I love that the guys let me tag along.
Thanks for all the great pictures, Brad!

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