Monday, November 29, 2010

Our Thanksgivings 2010

What wonderful Thanksgiving celebrations we had!
We are so lucky to have enough break time to spend the holidays with both of our families. 
We are so blessed and we have so much to be thankful for. 

Makenah enjoyed her first Thanksgiving! 
She got to try many of our favorite dishes!

While we were in Garden City and Hesston, we enjoyed lots of turkey and all the fixins', family time, games, hunting and some motor-sports (the boys!), more turkey, laughs and some good relaxing.
All ready to eat!
She sure likes all the attention she gets from her uncles and daddy. :)
Uncle Brandon
We took several shots of the picture below, and this one is my favorite because it shows exactly how Makenah is these days. Squirmy and silly.
It has begun... 
Casey and Sarah also got to celebrate Thanksgiving with bones that Bryan's mom got them.
Notice the green cup with feet in the corner of the picture. This ol' cup was one of the most popular cups to drink from when we were little, and Makenah got to sip her water from it at the table. :)
My brother Aaron and his girlfriend Olivia.
Aunt Jenna takes great care of Makenah!
Bryan and Sweetie :)
We played some Xbox Kinect...I think they were running the hurdles!
Can you tell she is a dancer?
What a wonderful time we had! 

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