Friday, November 19, 2010

8 months

On Nov. 4 Makenah turned 8 months old!
The month has gone super fast, and here we are thinking about the fact that we almost have a 9 month old! 
I think the best word to describe Makenah right now would be sweetness.
Her little personality just shines through, and she is so quick to smile.
She's such a content little girl. You will know when she needs something, because it's the only time she gets fussy. If she is tired, hungry, or done with an activity, she will let you know. Otherwise, she is calm and content. 
She loves to play with her toys and could sit and entertain herself or play with us for quite awhile. She has may favorite books right now like "B is for Bear, Five Little Monkeys, How Big?, Ten Little Ladybugs, and Goodnight Moon."
She still likes to play in her jumper, and she gets herself bouncing and bouncing!
She's ready to get moving, and the pictures I've posted about her attempts to crawl are what we see all the time now. She likes to stand up next to things, and soon will not need our hands for support under her.
(She is really interested in her shoes right now!)
Makenah is such a good eater, and will eat most everything we have tried. It has been so interesting to watch her grow and continue to eat more and more. She still does not care for textures, or lumpy things.
She is sleeping longer and longer at night, and naps so well during the day.
Going out with Makenah is so much fun! She is a great shopping partner! She is so easygoing that you can take her most places and she just takes it all in! 
Also new this month are more sounds! Ba and Da are her favorites right now! 
Ba ba ba ba, da da da, ba ba, da da :)
(I think that counts as dada!)
Happy (late) 8 months Miss Makenah!

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