Friday, November 5, 2010

Even before the costume...

We spent last weekend in Garden City, and so we were there for Halloween.
We started documenting the day even before we got Makenah dressed up in her costume. 
Dads are so much fun!
Casey and Sarah...they play hard in the backyard together. Casey tries to get Sarah going. She used to just steer clear, but now she likes to run around and chase Casey back. 
Casey LOVES to play ball. Basketball and football are his favorites, and he gets really excited when it's time to play. 
During the course of the afternoon we took lots of pictures here and there, Makenah sitting in one spot or another. You know, lots of poses. :) We got to the end of the afternoon and sentimental me realized that we did not include Casey in any of the pictures with us (he ran into a couple on his own though!) I got sad, and good-sport Bryan came outside for another picture of the whole crew. Ha! 
I like this one better, because it shows Makenah keeping her eye on Casey, which is what she is really into right now. She is always watching him, giggling or smiling at him, and when we say his name, she always looks around to see where he is. I think they are going to be great buds! 
If you can believe it, I have lots of pictures to share of Makenah all dressed up. :) So cute! 

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