Monday, April 4, 2011

Ah, Ashland

We just got back from our weekend getaway to Ashland, KS! :)
Well, it wasn't the usual kind of getaway, and it was to tiny Ashland, but, we had a great time!
Bryan picked up a weekend gig to be on-call at their hospital, and so Makenah and I decided to go with him. It ended up being really fun in this little town, and we got to spend lots of time together!
It goes like this: He carries the pager, and if the ER calls, he goes in and takes care of the patient. Otherwise, he is on his own. He just has to be in and around town. So, a slow weekend in the Ashland ER made for a wonderful weekend as a family.

We had a great dinner with some new friends when we got there on Friday night. It's fun to make western Kansas and Via Christi connections. We talked for a long time before calling it a night.
Saturday we relaxed around the house, went on a walk around town, had lunch, played at the park, and in the evening ate at the best restaurant in town, Hardesty House. After Makenah went to bed, we snacked and watched a movie.
Sunday was a repeat. Walks, park, playing, and supper at Sam's Pizza Barn. We also frequented the little grocery store and even explored the open range Red Hills around the town.

Here we are at the park...
The fella below grazes right near the park. As we walked by he came right up to the fence to say "Hi" to Makenah. That happened on our walk on 37th St. here in town the other night too. We must look friendly. 
Oh, and on Sunday there was a girl riding her pony at the park. Yep! (But, she was being dangerous on it, and the mother in me could hardly stand to watch. I prefer safety.) 
After we circled around the town, and ended up back at the house, we had put her to sleep. She doesn't usually fall alseep in the stroller, so we were impressed.
This was the view off the balcony of the house we stayed out. A view right down Main St. We enjoyed some beautiful weather and even read and relaxed out there one afternoon while Makenah napped. Another highlight for Bryan, who is a morning person, was getting up early, and enjoying his coffee and reading while watching the sun come up. 
(And, for the Billings who are reading this...this town reminded me SO much of Kensington! I said that to Bryan so many times.)
We will definitely go back to Ashland with Bryan again!

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