Monday, April 11, 2011

We celebrated

It was fun celebrating Aaron and Jenna's birthday on Saturday. We had the whole family together; eating, playing games, opening presents and having dessert. 

When we were waiting for everyone to get here, Bryan was showing my mom and Makenah his new toy. They were both very interested. 
Later, when it was time for cake and presents, I got out my camera, and got sideways looks from people who didn't want their picture taken. I can't blame them for not wanting a camera in their face all the time, but hey, I love taking pictures! So, I took pictures of the one person who couldn't tell me not too! :) 
She got to enjoy cake again! Aunt Jenna wanted to see some cake smashing, and so Makenah dug right in. 
I love when we are together with our families. There is always so much fun and laughing. It was a great time!!

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