Monday, April 25, 2011

Fire, Hats, and Eggs

We kept busy this weekend.

Friday was beautiful outside, and Bryan had the afternoon off.  In the morning he was taking a continuing medical education course, ACLS. Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support.         Think: "Code Blue, Code Blue!" It was nice to have him home with us after that. 
We pulled the wagon around, he worked on his dirt bike, in the afternoon I got my hair chopped off (like 9 inches or something like that), and in the evening we made s'mores! It was like a s'mores date. After Makenah went to bed, Bryan made a fire in the side box of the smoker and we sat outside by the fire, eating and talking. It was wonderful. 
~ ~ ~ ~
Look what came in the mail for Makenah on Saturday!
Oh, pink bunnies!
She's all set for some bike ridin'. So cute. 
~ ~ ~ ~
Saturday afternoon we colored eggs! We haven't done this for a long time! I always enjoyed this so much growing up. We had a great time. Makenah watched and enjoyed a snack. :)
Hmm, how did my cookie get in the picture? 
(That chocolate cookie in the corner is from a recipe in the First MB cookbook, and they are wonderful!!)
We made a variety of eggs. Polka dots, stripes, marbled, initials, and then we also decided to draw a picture of something we were "in to" right now. 
Here is Bryan's:
His Honda 450X
Here is mine:
Mowing the lawn. 
To top off a good day, the three of us went to On the Border Saturday night. Yum!
~ ~ ~ ~ 
I've got some Easter pictures to share. Our day turned out a little different than we planned, but we just rolled with it. 2 out of the 3 of us aren't feeling good (Daddy and daughter), but we enjoyed being together to celebrate the gift of a Risen Savior!

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