Monday, April 4, 2011

Happy Birthday to Bear!

Yesterday was my brother Aaron's 24th birthday!
We call him Bear.
Now, he is Uncle Bear. 

Aaron is SO much fun! He's totally awesome! Smart, funny (oh so funny!!), laid back, kind, helpful, and easy to talk to. He's a genuine and caring guy, and people just love to be around him! He's a hard worker and a great brother!

Happy Birthday, Aaron! We love you!

Some outdoor sport...
Aaron with Casey when he was a puppy.
One of many Christmas celebrations...
Out a couple of years ago for my birthday at Kobe Steakhouse. 
Aaron is a talented musician--both in real life and with fake instruments too. Ha! (Speaking of music, I should also mention that Aaron and Jenna sang at our wedding. I can get goosebumps and all happy inside just thinking about it. They sang The Prayer, and it was SO SO special! I will always remember how special they made us feel that day!)
This is one of my favorite pictures of Bryan and all our brothers!
Aaron, Mom and Dad at his graduation from Eastern Mennonite University. We flew to Virginia to be there.
I was not kidding when I mentioned that every year seems to be the year that Aaron gets to put up the angel on the tree. 
With tiny Makenah...
He's so much fun! Some Christmas pictures...
With his sweetheart Olivia...
And with Miss Makenah...
We love you, Aaron!

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