Thursday, April 14, 2011

Casey Boy

4 years ago, this cute puppy was born!
Today is Casey's birthday! (Yes, I even remember/celebrate Casey's birthday. He has a big bone for today!)
The picture above is Casey at 4 weeks. We got him from a great breeder/family in Kansas City. We got to go and visit him even before we brought him home.
This is Casey's dad, Rico. He is 100% English Creme golden. Rico is a great companion to this super nice family, and Casey was in the first litter he sired. 
And this lovely lady is Casey's mom, Chloe. She was SO sweet and gentle. 
We picked Casey up as we left KC on moving day 4 years ago. We arrived in Wichita with him. I can't picture this house without him.
So, here's Casey through the years. It was fun to go back and look at all the pictures we have. He definitely used to be the subject of my pictures. I have so many of him! :) While my pictures are focused on other things these days, we still manage to get some great ones. And, since he is always right where we are, he's in lots of them, too. 
He has always let us know if there is something outside. It started early. Even if it was just his reflection in the window. 
You would not consider a golden retriever a lap dog, but I know he would still sit like this if you called him onto your lap!
Easy guess where Casey sleeps...
Casey LOVES to go on walks. Don't say the word 'walk' around here unless you mean it. 
This is Casey's football. Another favorite of his. He really likes any sport with a ball. Especially if it is being thrown back and forth, or, if he can chase it. 
Casey is such a good boy. He likes to be included, and is always right where the action is. He lounges around, loves treats, is a good watchdog, but is easily scared. :) He is gentle and a good snuggler. Bryan and I love him, and we are happy that Makenah does too. 

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Jenna said...

Why didn't you tell me it was his birthday?! You should have brought him to the park yesterday to walk with us!