Friday, November 30, 2012


Making fruit pizza with Grandma...
 and tracing their bodies. 
(Most days involve a tutu at some point. She's always good about "de-fancying" when we head somewhere. Occasionally a tutu comes along, but hey, you got to rock it sometimes.
 Loving Casey
 Sharing puffs.
This was actually Logan's first time trying them. Makenah was so cute teaching him how to do it.
 Big boy.
 Tennis playing fairy.
 Building with cousins.
 Centerpieces for Italian night.
 Testing out the new tutu.
 Just the girls.
 Cousin Ashley swayed him right to sleep.
 Showing Logan how to best utilize the tupperware drawer.
Throwing wishing stones in at the local flower shop.
And, Aunt Cristal sent me cute!!
With sweet Cristal.
 All the Wiens/Stucky girls.
 Some good lookin' guys. 

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