Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Bath time

Bath time can sure be one of the cutest things. (Sometimes it can also be a hard thing! Ha) 
I love the 'bathing two at once" gig, and I think it seems to be ok with them too. Logan is especially loving bath time!! I was looking forward to being able to give him baths in the big tub, because I knew he would get a kick out of it. 

Don't drink the water Logie! 
 Soapy heads

Bryan calls Makenah a mini Danielle.
She has so many personality traits and qualities that remind us of me, but apparently I also tend to dress her like me sometimes too. 
She's in one of my standard outfits: Shirt with cardigan, skinny jeans and boots.
And, what I thought was cute...she put her bag across her shoulder like that on her own... (About 2 weeks ago I got a new cross body purse...hmmm) 

And, my favorite picture of the day...

It's almost Thanksgiving! Yay! 

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