Monday, November 12, 2012

Logan (7 months)

Here's our baby boy. 

 Crawling as fast as his little legs will take him.
Pulling himself to standing. 
Smiling up a storm.
Growing so fast. 

Logan seems to be growing leaps and bounds these days. It seems as though he gets stronger and sweeter each day.
 He crawls super fast, and those little legs move quickly around the house. He likes to explore in the kitchen(fridge and pantry), bathrooms, and in the bedrooms. If you start to walk somewhere without him, he's right behind you. 
 We were both surprised, and not, when he pulled to standing for the first time just the other night. Just shy of 8 months old! He was watching the bathtub fill with water and decided it would be a better view standing beside it. The bathtub has taken on a new level of fun for him, as he graduated to taking a bath with big sis! He loves it! 
 Logan is eating 3 meals of his baby food a day, and continuing to nurse well. I think I can say his favorite is bananas (or a combo containing bananas) and his least favorite is...well, I haven't given those a try yet again. Peas...yikes. He also has a sippy cup he is trying to figure out. Right now, it mostly gets gnawed on, but he holds it well. 
 As of late, Logan has being making strides in the sleep department. With a little encourgaement, he is going to sleep so well, and sleeping longer too. We're proud of him! He takes a morning nap about 2 hours after he wakes up and then an afternoon nap around 1:00. He has also moved from napping in his swing to napping in his crib. 
 Logan's a good sport so far when it comes to learning the ropes of playing with Makenah. Ha! There is a lot for a big sister to learn when it comes to sharing toys that hadn't had to be shared previously. We are encouraging Makenah to get Logan things to play with, telling her about why he wants to play with things...its all around teaching mode here. 
Logan loves to watch what she is doing, and wants to be included more and more each day. He plays so well with toys already, so I hope they develop into great playmates. 
 One special bond that has continued is the excitement that Makenah has with helping to feed Logan. She enjoys that SO much, and Logan does really well taking spoonfuls from her. She tells him, "It's not hot, Wogan. You can eat it." 
She also likes to get him "cold teethers" from the fridge, cover him with his blanket, peek at him after he wakes in his crib, and hold him in the rocking chair. He's so big now though, he just sits beside her. 
 These days Logan much prefers to be on the move on the ground, but will still play for a bit in his jumper. The swing has pretty much been retired, as he doesn't sit still much anymore. We've got several baskets of toys that he likes to dig in, and plays so cutely with them. 
I literally only got this one shot of him laying down. He's automatically on all 4s and crawling away. 
Then he decided to just try and stand where he was.
He found the chair to help. 
We're awaiting his first tooth that seems to be trying to make its way through his swollen bottom gums. And, you can bet I'm saying Ma-ma all the time, trying to get the infamous first word! He's got the cutest babbles and hollers going on right now, and he can have a whole conversation in fake coughs. 
Logan Kent is a daily gift to our family.
We love his wide grin, sweet spirit, and tough boy personality! 

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