Monday, November 5, 2012


Photos from my iPhone...

Heading out to church
 Alphabet stampers
 Playing together
 Having "espresso" with Daddy. This is totally sweet, and Bryan especially loves this cute little after dinner time. He makes Makenah a little 'kid friendly' warm drink in one of his espresso cups and she daintily sips and visits with him. So cute!!
 Visiting one of Papa's new homes he built. It's all done and its amazing and beautiful! 
 I could chew on this...
 Or on this, haha! Every time I open the fridge he makes a bee-line for the bottom shelf and will start to gnaw on one of these bottles. 
 Making Halloween cookies
 Upside down naps feel just as good. 
 Sampling her candy after trick-or-treating. 
 Story time on Thursday was costume day. 
 We always have to stick around out front at the library for awhile to climb on something or look at the flowers, statue, or trees.
 Decorating her cookies. 
 Making birthday cakes in the sand with Grandma. 
 K-State party at Mimi and Papa's! Go Cats!!
 "Wrestling" with Logan. She asked if he wanted to wrestle her, and she was a good sport. Logan is already very into climbing, tackling, and trying to be tough! Ha. 

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