Monday, November 19, 2012

Just around the house

I had the camera on the counter the other day, and caught pictures of a few moments from a "quiet" morning at home. 

Makenah rarely misses a day of asking, "what shall we make today?" This girl loves to help me in the kitchen, and she is a good helper. (Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it's not messy and takes double the time! Ha!) I like to see her enjoying herself, learning about kitchen things, and working with me. Other often heard lines with regards to cooking. 
"Shall we make a sweet treat?" 
"Will I need to roll out the dough?" 
"Is it going to be chocolatey?" 
Logan watched us from his chair nearby. 
Feeding Logan. Super helpful sister. She also likes to grab herself a spoon and sample what he's eating. 
 Post-meal smiles.
 There is also a lot of time spent keeping this brave boy safe. He can pull up to anything now. Makes me nervous. 
 "Do you want to do ballerina with me?" 
 Has Casey been on the blog lately? He's still a good boy. Logan likes to wrestle him and he is a good sport. Sits and takes it until he is given the 'ok' to get up and move. 

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