Friday, July 25, 2014

A phone update

The last time I compiled pictures from my phone was at the beginning of June, so I've got a lot of stuff to share. With lots of cute people in them. ;)
Heading out to gymnastics.
 Backyard time.
This raised eyebrow is affectionately called the 'Stucky eyebrow' and appears to be an inherited trait from the Stucky side. She's definitely got it. I've seen Logan do it too!
 Just being cute.
Father's Day.
 With their wonderful grandfathers.
 Play time.
In the aftermath of the GC wedding reception.
 Aunt Jenna!
 Aunt Maria!
 She loves the water!
 With Grandma!
Our reaction to some exciting news we heard!
 This guy! Finally! He loves it!!
 Big fans of Peachwave
 Dancing at story time.
We hosted special friends from Wichita two weekends ago.
 What a group.
 So much fun!
 Shucking the corn.
 Forgot to tell him not to start eating it yet. :)
He thought this was pretty awkward on his hand.
Heading out to CO. Pictures to come. 
Spray park.
Big dance party.
More Peachwave.

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Maria Billings said...

Logan is swimming??? Okay we HAVE to visit soon! Great pictures!