Monday, July 28, 2014

Record it! 1st family camping trip!

We found ourselves back in Colorado recently, but we made this trip one for the books. It was our first camping trip as a family! We did it right, tent and all! Bryan is a pro at camping, and although its been a few years since he's been out, he's an expert, what can I say. We'll call it the kids' and my first camping trip. I camped a couple of times back in middle school with a friend, but I can't remember too much about it. 
We had been anticipating this trip quite a bit, and did lots of prep to get packed for it too. Makenah was SO pumped to get to sleep in a tent. Logan was in heaven, exploring the campsite. 
(A mix of phone and camera pictures.)
Friday...heading out from home.
 Stopped at REI, a favorite on the way to Woodland Park.
The family all gathered in Woodland Park at Granna and Grandad's and spent Friday night there before hitting the trail for some jeeping and a night of camping. 
Saturday we jeeped!
Getting ready to head out.
Girls ready for an adventure!
 Logan made the rounds to 'help' all the guys.
We thought we were pretty cute, matching in our purple.
 We have two pretty awesome 'jeepers.' Lots of fun, snacking, and cuteness. 
 We put the winch to use.
We sat on the rocks and watched some of the action.
Saturday afternoon we headed to our campsite. We had a late lunch, set up tents and the eating area and made ourselves at home.
 Thanks for Blake for helping Bryan set up our tent. Chasing kids was one job, and the tent took two. 
 Hold this? 
 Exploring in the wooded area.
The helper.
Granna and Grandad had a tent, we had ours, Bryan's parents had one, Blake bunked in his jeep and Brandon set up a hammock!!
 We headed out for another short trail ride.
 Getting the fire ready.
 I'm surprised I caught Bryan sitting down. I don't think he really slowed down while we were there...helping everyone, cooking, showing the kids a good time, and making sure things were running smooth. We kept him busy.
 Hot dogs and brats for supper.
(My mom is going to notice that small ax thing sitting there. Hi mom! Don't worry mom, it was promptly picked up! ;) 
 And smores for dessert. 
Roasting was a hit, and she was so excited because we told her when we are camping she can have as many smores as she wanted. Ha! She thought that was so wonderful and kept reminding us...she was full after one and a half. ;)
 We stayed up and talked around the camp fire until we were pretty tired. The four of us crawled into our tent and put a warm extra layer on. :) I think the low was around 50...not too bad, but a definite chill all night. We all slept great and warm!! So proud of our little campers. 
The breakfast crew!
Pancakes and sausage.
After breakfast we packed up camp. One night was good for us beginners. 
We headed back to the house and all got cleaned up. 
We headed to Denver for the afternoon and did some shopping.
For supper we met my sister in CO Springs for supper at Rudy's BBQ!
 Monday the boys went out on their own for more jeeping and the girls hit the town. We took the kids to Focus on the Family. Had a blast.
My sis Jenna works very near there, so she met us for lunch, and then we did some shopping after lunch. 
We all met back in WP for supper and a relaxing evening together. 
We headed home to GC on Tuesday.
Such a wonderful long weekend!! 

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