Sunday, July 13, 2014

Brad and Racquel's Garden City Reception

On June 21, about a month after Brad and Racquel got married in Maine, Steve and Debbie hosted a beautiful reception for them here in Kansas. It was such a great way to celebrate Brad and Racquel's marriage with so many family and friends who were not able to make the long trip to Maine for the wedding. 
I could go on and on with details, as I enjoyed hearing all the plans come together, but we'll just skip to the main points! Steve and Debbie went above and beyond in their planning. Debbie was creative and thoughtful in decor and food, and the love she put into all the details was so evident. Guests enjoyed lunch, music, cupcakes(and famous Maine whoopie pies!) for dessert, and there was plenty of time for talking and sharing among the guests. Everything flowed so nice and the afternoon was completely lovely!!
I enjoyed taking pictures of the decor, people, and moments happening during the afternoon. I'll mostly let the pictures speak for themselves. There are a lot of them. 
 We got some pictures of Brad and Racquel before the guest arrived, and got both sets of parents in there as well!
Wonderful memories made, as we wrapped up a wedding celebration for the newlyweds! Thanks Steve and Debbie for throwing such a fantastic party!!

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Maria Billings said...

You are so talented!! What awesome pictures!!