Saturday, July 5, 2014

Heading to Boston! : Part VII

On Wednesday of our trip, we loaded up and said good-bye to Maine, and headed south back to Boston, where we were going to stay until we flew home Saturday. Wednesday's agenda included getting into Boston, checking into our hotel, getting rid of our rental car, and getting out in the evening into the city.
Bryan, the kids and I took off from Freeport just a little bit ahead of the rest of the group, and so as we made our way into Boston, we decided we needed to grab some lunch. We stopped at what looked like a chain out there called Kelly's Roast Beef. They had a huge menu, including lots of fish see and eat. :) We took a break from seafood and got big roast beef sandwiches and watched the tanks for awhile. 
The afternoon was spent navigating our way to our hotel on the Boston freeways, checking in and returning our rental and meeting back up with the rest of the family who was doing the same thing. When all was said and done, we ended up in rooms right next to each other at the Embassy Suites. We put on some warm layers, rain jackets, and decided to hit the "T" and head out to Quincy Market and Faneuil Hall Marketplace for supper and took look around.
Riding the "T"
We got it all figured out that first evening, and were pros by the end of the trip. The kids did great!!!
Right after we arrived, ready to look around. 
Such an awesome market with shops--small street vendors all the way to high end boutiques. Lots of great food to choose from too!
 Not a great picture at all...but I wanted to remember where all we were going! That first evening we ate at one of a few Cheers replicas around the city. They had some neat memorabilia and some good food!
 Feeding the birds
Grabbed some coffee to warm up and walk around.
Out walking the streets near the Finacial district, Government Center, and Faneuil Hall. The red building is the old state house, site of the Boston Massacre.
We made our way back to our hotel after lots of walking and exploring, and got the kids settled in after a long day! The kids headed to bed, the girls relaxed at the hotel, and Bryan, Brandon, Blake, Steve and Grandad headed back out on the town to see the town at night a little. They had a a neat little adventure!
More Boston to come!

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