Monday, July 7, 2014

Seeing Boston: Part VIII

We spent Thursday and Friday of our trip sightseeing in Boston. I'll combine those two days, and this post will wrap up our trip out east.
We ate an awesome hotel breakfast and got everyone around and ready to explore the city. There were several things we knew we wanted to see, and lots of things we figured we would want to check out along the way, so we decided to do one of the big city tours. The benefit of this was we got to see much more than if we had just tried to make it around town to a few places. We took the T to where we wanted to get on, and started the adventure. 
 We got on the tour at the downtown waterfront, which was a beautiful place itself. This was one of the areas the boys had explored the previous night, and we all thought it was pretty!
We headed over the the USS Constitution and Navy Yard and did the tour through the ship.
 Training exercises
Lower deck
After touring the ship, we decided to catch one of the duck boat harbor tours that we thought we would be neat. So cute to see Makenah's reaction when that duck boat driving on the road went splashing into the water. 
We headed back to Quincy Marketplace and ate at Wagamama, a really neat Asian food place for lunch. We ate some exciting noodle dishes.
 We hopped back on the T and headed to the Back Bay area to explore and then over to Boston Commons and the Public Gardens.
After a long first day we stopped at Memorial Park, a beautiful park by our hotel to let the kids play.  They were so great all day!
 We cleaned up at the hotel and ordered in some local pizzeria pizza and enjoyed some great family time that evening!

The next day we headed out to see more of the city.
 We took in a large section of Cambridge, as well as the Harvard and MIT areas. We did some tour riding, as well as a lot of walking around on the streets ourselves. 
 He wore those glasses like that all day. :)
 We had public transportation down!
One specific stop we made was the MIT museum, and it was a hit with our science crowd. 
A family favorite that we couldn't resist, even on the east coast, was Cheesecake Factory for lunch! 
 More park on the way back that night.
 And, you know we all ate the huge pieces of cheesecake we took to-go from lunch that night at the hotel!

We all flew home on Saturday, May 31. Bryan, the kids and I left super early and flew into Wichita. (I mean, I think I got up at 3am!) We made it to Wichita before lunch though! We ate a slow lunch there, and drove back to GC that afternoon. 
Hanging out during our layover. 
 My bag got this extra ticket on it. ;) 
This was such an amazing trip for us. Brad and Racquel's wedding was a wonderful and special time! It was fun to be able to travel somewhere new and exciting to take part in that. We are so glad that we planned all the extra vacation time to take in an area that we hadn't been before! Maine was absolutely beautiful, and the big city excitement that Boston had was so different than our everyday. We will remember this trip forever!! 

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