Thursday, March 14, 2013

Coming and Goings

Here's the stuff from the phone lately. This time minus the fancy insta-filters. 
On Makenah's birthday we filled the day with fun. 
She woke up to streamers and balloons in the living room. The picture of this I got was way to blurry. (Even too blurry for posting for cuteness sake. It had a streak for Makenah running through the room and the streamers were a blur of color.) 
We made pancakes for breakfast, and then headed to the zoo for story time, zoo style. Toads included. A happy girl leaving with a treat from a friend.
We headed for happy meals with Grandma and Mimi at McDonalds for lunch. Lots of play place, less eating. But hey, it was her birthday...
I should of taken a picture of the hand sanitizer that sits in front of me on the table the whole time. The germs here make me go uuuuughhggghhgg, but it was worth it. 
Lots of games and tea parties in the afternoon.
 And plenty of sunshine outside too.
 We had a birthday dinner, just the four of us, and then had more cake for dessert. 
None of my drawers and cabinets from mid level down have any sort of organization to them anymore. The drawers are emptied multiple times a day and the panty, oh the pantry. 
Here's the culprit.
 Snack time buds.
 Working on her motorcycle at the shop.
 At the library.
Logan playing kitchen with the girls. 
 My girl.
 Daddy came home for lunch, walked in and said, "Let's go ride your bike before we eat!" It was SO cute. 
 Sometimes you need to sense the inside of your sensory tub. Ha!
 Dog show in Garden City! It was awesome. I'm pretty partial to the breed being shown here. 
Walking around looking at the dogs. My double ride. 
 She drew me a heart. 
Searching for treasures. (Pinecones)
 She said, "I'm going to draw you an O with a heart in it." I was impressed. 
 Four wheeler rides with Daddy.
 Not sure if she was covering her ears to keep her hood down because it was chilly, or if she was covering them thinking it was loud.... 
 Burry love. She stood there for a long time with her hand on his back. No big deal, just having a moment together. Why I couldn't get a clear picture, I do not know. 
 Showing Papa and Grandad her iPad skills. 

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