Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My babies at one year

As Logan is fast approaching his first birthday, I find myself flipping back through lots of pictures on the computer. I look back through his first year, and I look back at what Makenah was like when she was almost one. These days I think they look quite a bit alike. We get comments a lot that they sure look like brother and sister. It's also interesting to see what they look like side by side as almost one year olds. 
Here's Logan at 11 months.
And here's Makenah at 11 months. 
Hahaha! I love it! 
These two babies melt my heart. Then and now.
They have similar sweet personalities. So lovey and fun.
But, Makenah was cautious and gentle, and Logan is adventuresome and tough.
He's almost running, and she didn't want to walk until she knew she had it mastered.
She had six teeth, he only has two.
We hardly even baby-proofed the house with Makenah, and Logan opens everything! 
Logan has quite a bit of hair, and is needing a trim soon, Makenah was pretty fuzzy. 
I love their uniqueness, and I love that they are obviously brother and sister. Both so wonderful.
And oh, those smiles. 

I have pictures to share. I've got some monthly pictures of Logan to put in their place, and also lots from the phone of what we've been up to. 
And, Logan turns one on Friday! 

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