Friday, March 8, 2013

Makenah's 3rd Birthday Party

Makenah's 3rd birthday was on Monday the 4th, so Sunday evening we had a little family party over at our house . We had all the grandparents here! Grandma and Grandpa, Mimi and Papa, and Granna and Grandad! We were missing all the aunts and uncles who were working or at school, but we know we will see them soon! 
We let Makenah choose what kind of party she would like, and a ballerina party it was. If you asked her what kind of party she was having, she would say, "A ballerina party, I choosed it." (Sometimes she would say princess, because those seem to be interchangeable!) 
There were pink balloons, pink pom poms, and lots of pink party supplies. 
Mimi even showed up wearing a tutu!!

We had a mexican dinner after everyone got there. I had to open my eyes and sneak a picture during the prayer. She's praying hard. :) 
We opened presents after supper. Makenah received so many nice gifts. 
Her big present from us was a new tricycle. She loved it!!

Someone snuck a try when she wasn't looking! I doubt it will be very long before he wants something to ride. 
He could have played in the dirt the rest of the evening.
We lured her off the bike with the cake. 
I had put in the "3" and then 3 little candles. She got all teary eyed and said, "No mama, I wanted to put the candles in." I grabbed them out as quick as I could! She placed them where she wanted. 

Growing up so fast.
I put her cake on the plate, gave her the fork, and then turned away for a minute. I turned around and she had grabbed the whole piece and was eating it with her hands. First birthday flashback, ha. We were shocked, as she is usually a very clean eater. She was having a great time with that cake. 
Then we look over and she is sneaking licks of frosting straight from the cake. Silly girl.
She was laughing so hard.
Cake and ice cream and punch was the prefect wrap up to the night. Everyone hung out until bedtime was approaching. She went to bed one happy girl. And we went to bed thankful for a happy, healthy three year old. She's awesome.

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Tanya said...

love the pictures danielle. you always have such great parties! lucky kids:)