Monday, March 4, 2013

Happy Birthday to our Makenah Grace

Today's the day!
It's Makenah's 3rd birthday!
Three years ago today we became parents, and we were blessed with the most wonderful daughter. It seems like just yesterday, yet she's grown so much, we've made so many memories, and our sweet baby is becoming a big girl. 
Makenah is sweet, loving, funny and energetic. She makes us laugh all the time! She's loud at home and quiet in public, wants to do everything herself, and she's a good big sister. 
Makenah's talkative, smart and quick to share what she knows. She likes to make art, play games, and pretend, can work an iPad like a pro, wears tutu's and likes to explore and gather treasures outside. Makenah loves a good tea party, is learning to cook already, likes to read books everyday, and now has an opinion about what she wears. 
She's getting to be so grown up!

Here's a look back on our sweetheart.
Newborn Makenah in the hospital.
4 months
1 yr.
18 months
2 yrs. 
2 1/2 yrs. 
Almost 3...
We love you Makenah Grace. 
We hope your birthday is so much fun! 

We had Makenah's birthday party last night, so I hope to share some pictures soon! 
We had a great time celebrating our girl!
I know today will be a great day too!

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