Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Phone pictures as of late. 
About half of these are from last Friday, Logan's birthday. I tried to capture the day as it went on. We'll have pictures to share after his party on Saturday. 

The living room when Logan woke up. 
 Story time fun.

 We opened a couple presents at lunch time. We couldn't wait until Saturday for some things. 
 Our birthday boy having lunch. 
Ready for a snack later that day.
It was 84 degrees out on Logan's birthday. We broke out the shorts! 
 That night we celebrated at Freddy's with burgers and ice-cream!
 Big stuff with Daddy..
 Riding home. 
 Ending the birthday with bubble bath. He's this happy every night in the bath. 
My shopper. 
 Makenah's treats. 
 I thought someone may get a kick out of seeing this. When Makenah plays "ballerina" she puts on a skirt or tutu from her closet. She INSISTS that the other person playing with her, usually an adult woman, put on a skirt too. She kindly hands you two skirts and tells you to put one on each leg. And, luckily for her, my legs can accommodate a 2T. (We do this a lot, by the way.) 
 Zooming by me. 
 The latest "hiding" place for hide and seek. 
 Tea party. 
 Logan graduated out of all his extra harnesses in the Chariot. He now rides side by side with his sis. 
 I thought he was bringing tools to fix the dishwasher. (Don't worry, its not broken!) I guess he was planning other things. 
 And, look what prints came in the mail today! 
We're getting ready to host them a Kansas wedding reception. 
What a gorgeous couple! Ahhhh!

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