Friday, March 1, 2013

The kids

I've got pictures on the camera, waiting to be downloaded, but to my dismay I have misplaced my battery charger. I have a dead camera, and now way to charge it. Ugh. 
So, phone pictures will have to do.
And, its nothin' but kids. But, I suppose that what the people want, right? :) 

Making snow ice cream. As "Super Kenah". She does that often. 
 Where's Logan?
 Learned to drink from a straw in about 30 seconds. (It took me forever to teach Makenah! Ha!) All he did was watch her do it once. 
 It's less efficient to unload the dishwasher and dirty them as you take them out. 
 Snuggles with Papa.
 And, another new skill...the snack cup. 
 Hi. He's walking everywhere. So big. 
 Finger painting. She doesn't get too messy with this because she literally just uses one finger. 
Story time at the library was a Hawaiian luau theme.
When he's snacking Casey stays close and picks up everything he drops. Let's just say this is a good deal for Casey. 
Shouting through it.
Pizza roll-ups for lunch.
Topping the enchiladas with cheese. (There isn't much I do in the kitchen without a helper of some kind.)
Corn syrup painting. So fun and shiny. (Corn syrup+food coloring)
Idea from here.
No kidding. This is how she hid for hide and seek. In the middle of the living room, with a scarf over her. Haha!
We're looking forward to this weekendi It's a big one for us here! Makenah turns three years old on Monday, and we are having a party for her on Sunday! My baby is almost three! I can't believe it. And then, oh my heart, Logan will be one in a couple weeks. They are so totally awesome. We love them SO much!

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