Friday, March 15, 2013

Happy Birthday to our Logan Kent

Today our little boy turns one year old!
It really does feel like we were just bringing him home from the hospital, introducing him to Makenah and taking care of a newborn. He is a gift from God, and he is just what our family needed. 

Logan Kent is a happy and busy one year old. He's been walking for a month, and is almost running. He has the biggest grin with two cute teeth, likes to tease and be ornery, loves to play with toys and kitchen gadgets from the cupboards, and won't leave Casey the dog alone. He's found his voice and likes to holler and squeal, but Dada and Hi are his favorite words. He wants to play with anything Makenah is playing with, and gets crazy excited when she's near him. He feeds himself well, likes to drink from his sippy cup, and drops his food on the floor when he's done. Logan naps in the morning and in the afternoon, and he wakes up so so happy. He likes books, being outside, pushing things around the floor, and making a mess (toliet paper, cabinets, drawers, bookshelves...) 

I could write about him for a long time. We just love this boy.
Happy Birthday to our Logan, our son, our "Logie", our baby.

1 day old, ready to go home from the hospital.
 1 month
 2 months
 3 months
4 months
 5 months
 6 months
 7 months
 8 months
9 months
 10 months
 11 months
1 year
Happy Birthday to our sweetie. 

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