Monday, January 13, 2014

Big time phone update

A popular place.
Eating the Christmas cupcake that Makenah decorated for him.
 Finger paint.
 Peachwave with the family, and bonding with Uncle Brad.
 I took Makenah to her first movie. We went to see Frozen, and that mother-daughter experience ranks up there with one of the best times we've had out together. Wonderful memory for sure!!
 She was completely precious and on her best behavior (like usual when we are out). She soaked it all in and wanted me to tell her about everything we were doing. She watched so contently until close to the end, I'm guessing. She leaned over and whispered in my ear, "Mommy, I'm feeling tired and I'm ready to go home." We packed up and snuck out. We saw the evening show, so I was wondering if she's get tired. 
 Nice day outside.
 We got new woodblinds, and this is how the helping looked as Bryan hung them. Logan on the chair trying to assist, and Makenah assisting by holding him so he wouldn't fall. 
 Drums on the cool whip carton at Mimi and Papa's.
 Bryan surprised us on his birthday morning by having a few minutes to come home between delivering a baby and heading into the office. We had gotten donuts that morning(in honor of him of course…Makenah talked me into it since it was Daddy's birthday, ha!) and wouldn't you know, he got to come home and have one with us. So, we stuck a candle in it!
 The Christmas Jeep.
 Coloring with Mimi.
 Aunt Maria got Uncle Aaron an awesome racetrack for Christmas…it was an great tribute to his childhood Christmas presents. 
 Grandma reading to Makenah and Logan reading to Aunt Jenna.
 New Years Eve. 
Get this: My parents offered to babysit the kids so we could hang out, kid-free with the whole Stucky clan until midnight. We usually bow out of New Years gatherings around 8:00 for bedtime, ha! This was a huge treat and we had a blast! 
I got a kiss at midnight! ;)
 Touring a new home that Papa built. 
They checked the cabinets for sturdiness. 
 Pre-meal coloring with Uncle Brandon while out to lunch.
 Whittle World toys!
 Rolling out the gingerbread dough.
 She used every holiday cookie cutter we had. It was so cute. 
Someone was going to get lucky and get this shamrock loaded high. 
 Dr. Makenah checking out her patient, Aunt Jenna.
 Watching the Chiefs with Uncle Blake and Daddy. I was cooking and cutting carrots and there was a request from the cute one in the middle, that they all eat carrots.
 Blocks at Mimi and Papa's.
 Watching Sissy dance. 
 Always dressed up.
 Reading to Logan.
 Bundled up to play in the snow.
 Gazing out the window at Granna and Grandad's in Colorado.
 In the tents at REI in CO Springs.
 Frozen yogurt with Aunt Jenna.
 Granna and Grandad spoil us when we stay with them. A late night treat…banana splits. 
 Bryan took the kids on a short hike before we left. 

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