Sunday, January 5, 2014

Christmas keeps coming!

The good times rolled on, as we celebrated on Christmas day with the Wiens family! Bryan's grandparents Don and Martha Jean hosted a beautiful evening for all their kids, grandkids and great-grands! We had a candlelight dinner, sang Happy Birthday to Jesus and blew out candles, opened presents and spent a lovely evening together. 
 Tickles from cousins Ashley and Jack
 Makenah and Allie. 
I don't know if Makenah left her side anytime we were all together. Allie, just like all the cousins, are so patient and helpful with Makenah and Logan. They include Makenah where they are going, follow Logan around and keep him out of trouble, and teach them new things.
 Snuggling Ian and Ashley's new pup, Hank.
 Ready to open presents. 
 Handing out presents.
 She had to help each person open theirs. 
 A new stroller from Allie, who so perfectly had Makenah's name for the gift exchange. 
 All the Wiens women. 
 Wiens cousins.
 All of us "kids!"
 What a good looking group.
Granna and Grandad, Uncle Jeff and Aunt Pam, Uncle Steve and Aunt Cristal, and Steve and Debbie. 
More to come!
Billings Christmas!!

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