Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Billings Christmas

We were pretty excited when my brother Aaron and sister-in-law Maria got home from their Christmas with her family back home in Virginia! It meant it was time for the family Christmas, and we were ready!!
We gathered at mom and dad's house...
We opened a few presents, ate lunch, opened more presents, and played in the afternoon, had supper together, and then came back to our place to round out the night. The kids got a bath, had a snack and hit the sack. The adults ate dessert and played games. Totally awesome. 
 Stockings first
Aaron and Maria
Logan and Kenah have a new little collection of the Melissa and Doug 'Whittle World' wood toys and they are so cute!! They got some from both sides of the family!
 Helping Aunt Jenna
 The best little coloring book ever!
Hold this Aunt Maria
 Hold this Grandma
 Hold this Grandpa
 Aaron made mom and I wood shelves with hooks! Love it!!
 New Lego table from Grandma and Grandpa.
 The yearly calendar full of pictures of Makenah and Logan.
I've been making these for Christmas for a few years. 
Because who wouldn't want this cute face to view all month on their desk or wall. :) 
 They made Jen hide her eyes while they carried in her present from Aaron and Maria. 
 Aaron made her a quilting loom (and, now I am wondering if that's the right name for it…ha! Jenna's laughing at me.)
Jenna is great at sewing and she makes quilts too. She makes them all by hand, and they are very tedious and time consuming. This will be so neat for her. She has made Logan and Makenah quilts! 
Best brother. She loved it!
 Mom and daughters.
 Little outdoor time before supper. 
It was a great day! It was made even better by the fact that we all got to spend a lot of time together the next few days to extend the holiday even more!

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