Saturday, January 4, 2014

Family Pictures 2013

At the beginning of November we had a family picture session with our very dear friends Vance and Danni. They are sweet friends from Wichita with two little kids close in age to Makenah and Logan. We became fast friends with them through church when we moved to Wichita in 2007 and have had so many good times with them since. We've laughed and stayed up late playing games or watching movies before kids, gone on a ski trip, had dinners out, attended small group, cheered on sports teams, and watched each others families grow. Oh how we miss them, but they are the kind of friends that miles in between don't matter!
Vance works in web/graphic design and photography at Tabor College and Danni teaches K/1st grade and together they are Vance Frick Photography. They took our family pictures last year after Logan was born(I don't think I ever posted those on the blog), and we couldn't wait to update our pictures! I mean, look how big these kids are getting!! 
Some favorites…

We love our pictures and we love our talented friends. Vance shot hundreds of pictures, and look at the restraint I showed in only posting 50ish…haha! 
Thanks too our friends. 

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