Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Snippets of a Stucky Christmas

Isn't it wonderful how Christmas celebrations can start early and seem to go right into New Years? Our Christmas started the 23rd, when we celebrated Bryan's birthday and then spent the evening together opening presents with Bryan's parents, brothers and grandparents. 
We started the night with a delicious birthday supper prepared by his mom, then opened his birthday presents. 
Blake and Logan the stack master.
 She seems excited…ha!
 Opening birthday presents.
 After that prelude, everyone was ready to get gifting! Makenah and Logan received so many wonderful presents. We are thankful for all the things they received! Picture highlights of some of the night...
He started off strong, opening somewhat on his own, and soon was losing focus and preferred to be playing with the things he had opened. Makenah was happy to help. 
Giving baby a bottle. This is pretty neat baby. Interactive, with lots of noise and movement. 
 Pioneer Woman cookbook!!
 Makenah helped everyone. 
 Makenah got her first doctor lab coat from Bryan's parents. The story behind this…
Several weeks ago, the kids and I were driving to go visit Bryan at work. The kids were jabbering and we were just driving down the road. Out of nowhere Makenah says, "Mom, I know what I want to be when I grow up. " 
"What honey?"
"I want to be a doctor just like daddy and take care of patients and people who are sick and need help."
(Oh my goodness, cue the mom tears while driving.)
I said, "Oh, honey you would be a wonderful doctor. You are so helpful and caring. That would be an awesome job to have!"
She says, "Yea, and I would need lots of doctor supplies like Daddy, and I would for sure need a white doctor coat. Well, I would want mine to be pink!!! And, I would want work with Daddy and be a doctor with him." 
I shared this story with the family, and the pink doctor coat was born. It's even got her name on it. 
I can't even begin to imagine what our girl will want to be when she grows up. I want her to find something she loves and go for it. It sure is cute to hear the thoughts along the way. 
 Makenah and I made Bryan a birthday cake and we indulged after presents. 
 She said, "Daddy, how old are you?" really serious… "Are you three or four?!"
It was pretty funny that Debbie actually had a "4" in her candle collection. So, we went with it!
 Put on Christmas jammies...
 What a wonderful night!
So special and fun!!

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