Monday, January 20, 2014

Scott Park

One of the places that we have been anxious to make a little afternoon trip to here in Western KS is Scott State Park, north of us, near Scott City. It was about a 45 minute drive and well worth the afternoon of fun we had. It was inching close to 70 degrees here on Sunday, and we knew we wanted to be outside.
There's camping, fishing, hiking and riding trails, the lake, and lots of area to explore. They've even got some hills out there…hidden in our usual flat terrain. :)
We hiked, explored, let the kids run and play, and had a picnic snack break. It was such a fun time together. 

The kids ride so well in our packs. If we are going any sort of distance, this is how we roll. Makenah especially enjoys riding like this. She talks the entire time…and makes us laugh a lot. Logan's happy in his too. Give him that water bottle and an occasional cookie or cracker and he's good to go. 
Just look at that posture. Bryan was teasing me that I looked all slumped over…I turned to him and reminded him what was on my back. As we get warmed up, I can feel myself loosen up, get used to the weight back there and adjust a little. 
 See the kids in the middle there? Makenah's shouting, "Mama, take our picture!" and its one of those moments where you know if you hop up and run towards them to take it, it'll be over. But I'm thinking, "Oh my goodness, oh my goodness this is so cute, ahhhh!"
I frantically trying to zoom my camera phone...
It's so grainy, Makenah is posing and her smile is oozing sweetness and Logan is standing more still than I have ever seen him, and he just grins.
 Totally awesome!!

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