Wednesday, January 15, 2014

We were where?!

Well, we don't even need to pretend you don't know where we were this past weekend. 
Yup, Colorado. 
We can't stay away.
And, lest you think I only took pictures of the Jeep (Bryan thinks Jeep pictures are cool…;) I took some pictures of our cute passengers as we took in some snowy mountain trails with Granna and Grandad in their Jeep. 
We were a couple of Jeeps exploring the Rockies. 

Cutest two little Jeep riders I've ever seen!
And, she was helping read the map. It was precious!
Heading up the mountain. The fresh layer of snow made it so fun and pretty!
Oh, don't worry.
That's just a winch attached to the front of our Jeep.
That thing will pull the Jeep up or out of anything. 
 We were driving on Balanced Rock Rd.
Here's how it got it's name.
Heading back down.
Our weekend also included a day of shopping, hanging out with Aunt Jenna, eating out, spending time with Granna and Grandad and relaxing in Woodland Park.

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