Friday, January 18, 2013

A Virginia Wedding: Getting Married

The big day, December 29th, finally arrived!!
The wedding was at 2:00, and there were pictures before the ceremony, so we all got ready and went to the church to watch Aaron, Maria and the wedding party takes lots of pictures, and also got some family pictures. We are so anxious to see all the wonderful pictures the photographer took!

Here's the handsome guy!
 Getting ready together.
I worked on Makenah's hair at the house, and then we got her all dressed at the church. We decided to go for a headband with a big flower on it. I used a curling iron to put lots of ringlet curls in it, but it's so soft that they mostly fell out. But, she has a sweet wave to her hair anyway, so it still looked great! 
 All dressed up below with her basket of petals. 
I obviously didn't get any pictures during the ceremony since I was on flower girl duty, so I will take a moment here to share about Makenah's first wedding experience. 
She did fantastic. Maria's family arranged for me to have some help with Logan during the ceremony so that Bryan could usher and I could stick with Makenah. What a wonderful thing! Makenah was all smiles and did so good walking down the isle. Bryan helped her get in position with Maria's aunt who was coordinating, and then I sat up in the front, where my parents were, and waved at her so she knew where to walk. Precious, genuine smiles the whole way. She sat right on the front row with me until it was time to walk out with the wedding party. I sent her back up the isle, and even though she got a little  turned around part way and needed me to help her the rest of the way, who doesn't love a cute little flower girl!! We were very proud of her!!
 Aaron and the groomsmen. 
 Maria and Makenah.
 And, with Aaron.
 With the bridesmaids.
As a group.
Aaron and Maria both looked great! Aaron rocked his tux and Maria was a BEAUTIFUL bride! 
They were so calm and happy, enjoying the whole experience. It made everything so much fun. I bet they got lots of great pictures. I have seen a few sneak peeks, and I think they are wonderful!! It also snowed the morning of the wedding, so they got some pictures outside in the snow. It was awesome!
 All 4 of us. 
 With Grandma and Grandpa.
Makenah and Aunt Jenna.
Then, the fun began. The ushers got everyone seated, and the wedding party came in! I was all teary for a good chunk of the wedding, with the most crying during the processional while Jenna was singing, when Maria walked in, seeing Aaron and Maria come together, and of course the vows and pronouncement of the couple. The walked out to the Brooks and Dunn song, My Maria. It was PERFECT!!

 We all had a blast at the reception! There were awesome appetizers and delicious supper, good music, a duet sung by Aaron and Maria, a slideshow, and lots of meeting people and visiting. 
The completed table.
 The cake. 
 Mom and Dad
 Having a good time!!
 Looking out to the tables. 
 The food.
 Our table.
 Aaron and Maria did a great job of mingling around and talking to all the guests. We snagged them for some pictures.
 Taking a break.
 Cutting and eating the cake.
Blowing bubbles on their way to the truck for their exit. 
I can't say enough what a good time we had. The wedding was beautiful and fun, we are SO happy for Aaron and Maria, and it was awesome being in Virginia and meeting Maria's family.

We left Harrisonburg the next morning, for our flight out of DC. We had just a little more drama before we left, to add to the excitement of travel. About 4 hours after we got home from the wedding, not too long after she had gone to sleep, Makenah woke up and threw up all over. She had a very rough night, and it was hard seeing my other baby feeling so bad. She was camping on the floor during our stay, and so I spent the whole night right by her. Poor poor baby.
She perked up with a bath and some play time in the morning, and made it on the flight just fine. She ended up sleeping a good portion of the ride on my lap, which we were very glad for. (It took her about a week to get to feeling all better.)
We got into Denver around 6:00pm and we got baggage and took a shuttle back to the hotel where our car was parked. We stopped in for a snack and a break, but decided we had better make the drive home even though it would be a late night. There was snow coming.
We pulled into GC around 2:30am and I heard that the snow had started at 3. We woke up to several inches of snow and counting. Bryan did great driving us home. We were both SO tired. I was no help, the tiredness was almost painful. I had gotten about an hour and a half of sleep with Makenah the night before, so was running low. I did my best to keep him company, but it was all him. What a guy!
So, that's our wedding trip.
That's the story of the kids' first airplane rides. (They got some wings.)
That's the story of my first throw up experience with kids.
That's the story of getting a sister-in-law.
That's the story of seeing my brother so in love and grown up.
That's the story of Virginia, December 2012. 

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