Friday, January 25, 2013

Guy stuff

I thought this would be fun!
When I am going through pictures we have downloaded, I often just quickly look through the pictures that come from Bryan's phone. Since he isn't home with the kids all day documenting all their cuteness (ha!) his phone is often used to catch guy stuff, cute times with the kids, or random things.  I thought it would be interesting to show you some of those things. I went back a way, date wise, since he doesn't take as many as I do. Ha!

Always working on something when Bryan is.
 Oh, the old Explorer! Not a part of the family anymore, but Bryan was sure good at working on it himself. He is so handy! 
 Newborn Logan in the hospital! 
 Jeep with the top off...with a super cute passenger!
 When smiling was new.
 Bryan took Makenah to feed the ducks at the park. 
 Guys take pictures of meat on their grills. 
 And, of their handiwork. Bryan had to patch the ceiling of our house in Wichita. It was so high and the sheetrock was heavy to hold up there. I know this because I had to assist at one point. But, only once because he mostly just busted it out on his own. 
 His ride.
 Jeeps in the mountains.
 A sweet girl on a trike. 
 More of the cutie. 
 And, Bryan.
 Ahhhh! That was gross! In the basement in Wichita.
 Working on his bike at his shop. 
 Sitting across from each other on the train ride in Colorado. 
I sure do miss this girl. 
 A doctor's phone has important information on it. 
 Working together at the shop. 
 Collecting sticks.
 Celebrating Grandad's birthday. 
So, there it is.
Through Bryan's lens. 
Happy Friday. It's the weekend!

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