Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Celebrating Grandpa

My Dad's birthday was the past Sunday, and we went over to their house to celebrate. We started outside on the play equipment enjoying the near 70* weather and then went inside to decorate some birthday cupcakes. After dinner we blew out candles and ate dessert. We had a great time together. 
She kept saying, "Let's climb to the top and see what happens." She's pretty timid on big slides, mostly preferring to slide with someone. 
Monitoring the 'rock in the mouth' situation. He did good at first, then starting shoving them in. That was the end of that. 
The decorating began. Mom had such a cute little spread for Makenah to use.
Each one got a candle. And, as much candy as it could hold. 
So, Logan is a messy eater right now. (I realize this will last for a while.) He eats, squishes, pounds and swirls the food, and then when he is done, he starts to run his fingers through his hair. Its like food gel, and it happens after most meals. 
 The sweetest rendition of Happy Birthday.
What a night!
Happy Birthday Grandpa.

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