Saturday, January 12, 2013

My phone

Christmas Part III is still to come, but since I was downloading pictures from my phone, I decided to jump in and share the cute pictures from it lately.

Well, actually, this one is just preview of what's to come. I am saving all my pictures from our trip to Virginia, and my brother's wedding for another post. But, here's a peek at a cute airplane passenger enjoying her complimentary beverage.
He's always checking things out.
 Playing with the guys.
 Rocking a hat.
 Playing in the tent with Grandma.
Delivering cookies.  I've mentioned how much Makenah likes to cook. We bake a lot of sweets around here. We would never be able to, nor should we, eat all these treats, so we pack them up and often take them to Grandma and Grandpa and Mimi and Papa.
 She loves her new doll house. It resides in her bedroom now, and she prefers if Logan does not mess with it. Ha! Often times she will ask me if she can shut the door when she plays with it.
I just can't stop taking pictures of this smile.
 He LOVES the bath.
 This makes me laugh. I was helping Makenah brush her teeth, and I stepped back to take a picture of her long pretty curls. Only later did I see the little cutie I caught in the background.
 Putting sparkler candles in Daddy's birthday cake. We celebrated right with a BBQ here at our house last weekend.
 Playing in the snow.
Hot chocolate afterwards. (Lukewarm chocolate...ha!) 
The remote stealer.
 Helping me fold the laundry. Looks efficient, right?!
 Racing candies and crackers down our tunnels.
 Cleaning up at Mimi and Papa's.
 He's big, you know.
 At Las Margaritas, the local mexican restaurant.
 Baking cookies...more cookies.

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