Friday, January 11, 2013

Christmas Part II

The festivities rolled on!
In between our family celebration and Christmas Eve, which was spent with Bryan's family, we got in lots of fun times, enjoying having Bryan's brothers and my sister home for Christmas. 
On Christmas Eve, we opened presents and had a wonderful meal with Bryan's parents, brothers, and grandparents. 

Puzzles before dinner
 Mimi getting lots of laughs
 Lots of big boxes this year.
I got this one of Blake right before he left to play drums in the Christmas Eve service at church. 
 Its easy to get a smile from this guy. 
 Playing blocks with Uncle Brandon and Uncle Brad
 Granna and Grandad
 My handsome boys
 Makenah and Logan with their great grandparents.
 We started unwrapping. Makenah was helping Logan open his gift.
Makenah got the 2012 American girl doll from Mimi and Papa. The doll for the year was named McKenna
 Showing Logan how to use his new drum. And, lucky for us, the drum is full of other great noise making instruments!
 Helping Daddy.
 New dirt bike helmet for Brad!
 Logan got a Carhart jacket from Uncle Blake, and it is about the cutest thing. Now he fits right in with all the guys. 
 This large box was intriguing to all of us. It was to Makenah from her 3 uncles. We had no clue what it could be, but everyone was really excited to see! They did a good job taking it slow with her and opening it gingerly, knowing she can be a little timid at times. 
The label had us guessing: Do not open if you are allergic to any of the following: Hugs, kisses, laughing til you cry, cuddling, showing your teeth, oohs and ahhs, warm fuzzy feelings, pure awesomeness, belly laughs, and cheek cramps.
 It was the biggest teddy bear EVER!!!
The bear is like 6 ft tall and weighed almost 30 pounds!
It was such a cool present and so neat of them to get! All three of the guys are so sweet with the kids and gave such thoughtful presents. I think its awesome they went on the hunt for such a great present for her. Makenah definitely approved. Teddy Graham, as he has been named, is still spending the night at Mimi and Papa's until he can find a fitting home with us. We're going to need to search for the right space. Ha!
 Bringing in the Santa sack. We just missed Santa, but he left this bag with some gifts on the porch!
 Makenah posing with the sack. This santa sack dates back to Christmas 30 years ago when they brought Bryan home from the hospital on Christmas. 
Makenah and Mimi
 Singing Happy Birthday to Jesus. 
 Another awesome day as a family!
We are so thankful for family and blessed by each one of them. 

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