Thursday, January 10, 2013

Christmas Part I

On the evening of Friday, December 21st we decided to have our family Christmas time with the kids here at our house, before we ventured to grandparents houses in the coming days to celebrate. Bryan was on call for his group from the 22nd-26th, so we wanted to make sure and choose a time when we knew he wouldn't get called away. And, the bonus of being in Garden City with both of our families now is that both sets of grandparents and even uncles and an aunt got to come watch the kids open presents. 
We had a snacky/appetizer type supper and then sat around and enjoyed the special time as a whole group.

First, just a few pretty shots of Christmas decor. 
 Our family ornament for this year
 My favorite decoration. I would love to add more pieces to this Nativity scene. 
 Our stockings. Without a mantle in our home right now, we found a nice place beneath a big window.
 The tree. 
 On my kitchen counter.
 Makenah's ornament for this year. 
 Logan's ornament. 
In the living room.
Giving Grandpa and Grandma a workout!
 Makenah showing off her ornaments.
 Opening stockings.
Makenah's little tool set for her to take to the shop when she goes out to work there with Daddy. He does woodwork and dirt bike work there, and she likes to be out there with him. Now, she has her own little set to take along. 
 Exploring his new tent.
Makenah and Logan got a basketball goal...we've been enjoying shooting hoops. 
 Mimi and Papa.
 Aunt Jenna helping Logan slam it. 
 With uncle Blake.
 Opening her new dollhouse.
 Setting up the rooms. 
We had an awesome night as a big family. The kids really enjoyed all the gifts we had picked out for them, and it was extra special being together to watch their joy.

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