Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Lately from the phone

Building Mimi's house. (She chooses to build it a lot.)
 Ready for church.
 Dressing up her doll.
 She got him!
 Watch me go!
 Trains at the library.
Not to be left out. A super determined face.
 Helping bro turn his walker around. 
 Learning the letter "M"
We were getting all ready to go out for supper, and Bryan had just gotten home from work. Makenah decided she would wear the shoes and belt he had just removed. 
A mix of piggy back riding and wrestling. She likes to climb on people and things. 
Dressing her doll.
Learning about money. She really enjoyed this, and it kept her attention for quite awhile, several times that day. She liked to sort, find ones that looked alike, and make designs with them. She's got the penny all figured out. 
The newest skill...clapping. 
He saw something intriguing on the TV.
Salmon is one of our favorite meals around here. (Bryan and I love it. Logan likes it, Makenah's not so sure...) We used to bake it in the oven, now we smoke it on the smoker. 
Being ornery in the kitchen.
Shocked. I was shocked when I went in to check on her yesterday and saw this. One minute she was playing noisily and then it got really quiet in there. I went to investigate. She took a nap one day when she was sick after our trip to VA, but other than that, its been months and months. We've moved on to "quiet time." 
Last night at the park. She was big stuff walking to the top by herself and then when she got up there, it all got real. She hollered for Daddy pretty quick. 

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