Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Logan (8 months)

Well, here's our smily boy. Happy as can be, 8 months old (and now even older...). 
These weeks for Logan were a time of lots of growth and fun. He is always on the move, and is a super fast crawler. It makes us laugh to see how quick he can get from one place the another. He is usually on a mission. 
He is holding steady on his sleeping patterns at night and during the day. He takes a good morning and afternoon nap. 
Look at those lashes. Feel free to give that picture a click if you want to oggle them closer. He definitely has Bryan's long long lashes, and his big blues melt my heart. 
Lots of drool coming out of his mouth lately, but no teeth to be seen. That is not an issue for him though, as this month he completely gave up baby food and switched to all table and finger foods. He loves to feed himself, and does a great job. He'll let me feed him occasionally with a spoon if its something good/sweet/"real" food, but don't try to sneak anything pureed in there. 
I mentioned it in his 7 month post, but he pulled to standing just before he turned 8 months old, and thinks he is big stuff now. He's steady and quite strong, and likes to stand beside the coffee table, his bouncer, the cupboards, chairs, etc. 
Lots of sweet babbles and noises coming for this boy. Babababa is his sound of choice. 
Bath time is still a favorite for Logan, and he loves to splash big time. I usually end up pretty wet by the time we are done. Makenah is a good sport, because he's usually trying to crawl and splash all over the bathtub.
And, during this month, Logan got to enjoy his first Thanksgiving. You can bet he sampled some of the fixins'!

We sure LOVE our Logan.
Stay tuned for more on this sweetheart.

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