Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Logan (9 months)

Oh, Logan, getting to be such a big boy and oozing sweetness. Logan's 9 month update shall not be skipped over! I'm getting all caught up on the blog, and even though 10 months rolled around on the 15th, I don't want to miss writing about Logan. 
One of the highlights of this past month, has been Logan's locomotion. He can move fast! He is cruising the furniture! He occasionally lets go, and stands for a few seconds, and then realizes what he's doing and will sit down. I don't have a good guess about when I think he will walk, but he is sure enjoying pushing his walker back and forth in the living room. It's just the cutest thing--he grins like crazy. He is s super fast crawler, watching him makes us laugh. He goes really fast and his legs pump quick and he usually hollers, "ahhhhh" while he goes. 
Also during this past month, he went on his first big trip, airplane ride included. He was a great traveler, and got his first set of wings from the pilot. We carted him through two very busy airports, and for the most part he was pretty content. 
And, we also got to hear his first word, too! Dada! The day before Bryan's birthday, he started saying it. Everything is Dada, dada, dada, over and over. Precious.

We'll get some official office stats soon, but in the mean time, we figure Logan weighs about 21 pounds, which is right around the 50th percentile. We started looking for a new car seat when we realized how big he was getting, he's about to outgrow his infant carrier. 

Logan is a super eater! We have been so impressed by his transition to table food, and this past month kind of sealed the deal for his confidence with most foods. If you cut it into pieces, he will eat it. So thankful for that. He isn't too picky, and I've only found a few things he seems to ignore on his tray. He's also got the sippy cup down now too. 

Logan is completely intrigued by everything Makenah is doing. If she's playing on the floor, he's right there. If she's sitting on the couch, he's standing right in front of her. And, if she's in her chair at the table, he's standing next to that too. Makenah is a good big sister. 

I feel like I've mentioned this in the last few posts, but Logan LOVES bath time. He gets so excited standing there watching the water fill the tub. He splashes like crazy, plays with tons of toys in there, and jabbers and smiles from ear to ear the whole time. He's a good sport too, just happy to be playing...sometimes big sis is the one in charge at bath time. 
One thing that we are dealing with right now is some separation anxiety. I was reminded when I was reading the other night that it peaks at 9-12 months. That's definitely true here. He and I are pretty tight- we do spend a lot of time together, and if he isn't in my arms, he usually has me in sight. He loves his Daddy, and he's good staying with Grandma and Grandpa, and Mimi and Papa, but don't even try to leave him in the church nursery or hand him to a stranger. Ha. 
And finally, we want to remember Logan's completely sweet disposition. Truthfully, Logan doesn't ever cry just for crying sake. He is generally smiling, happy and busy. He'll fuss if mama isn't near, if he's getting tired or hungry, but even then, its short lived. We are continually thankful for his content temperament and good nature.
Sweet baby Logan, growing so fast.
We love to kiss you, squeeze you, and laugh with you.
What a doll!

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