Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Virginia wedding: Traveling!

I'll start at the beginning. 
Not at the beginning of their love story, though that's a sweet one, just at the beginning of our trip. Scroll though and look at the pictures if you want less details, because I'm going to try and share about our time all along the way. 

(In an effort to not add any additional items to our already heavy packed bags and arms, we decided to leave our big camera home. While it would have been nice to use it, we made the decision to document the trip and wedding with our camera phones.)

We couldn't have been any more excited waiting for the day to come when we finally got to leave for Virginia to get ready for this wedding. My little brother Aaron was marrying his true love Maria, and we were beyond excited and happy! Aaron and Maria met while studying at Eastern Mennonite University in Virginia, and this is where Maria is from. She teaches 2nd grade there, and they knew this is where they were going to make their home, so in November he moved out there in preparation for the wedding. We miss him big time!

So, our flight to Washington DC was on Thursday, Dec. 27 out of Denver. Since Denver is over 5 hours from here, (add time to travels with kids, ha!) we needed to go the night before. Even though Denver is further for us than Wichita, we chose to go there because we could fly non-stop. This was a great decision!

Cute traveler #1 on the car ride to Denver.
 We had a really good trip there, the kids rode so well, Logan slept quite a bit, and Makenah was easy to keep busy. We made really good time into Denver and were all set for some supper, pool time, and relaxing when we got there. 
 We got all checked into our hotel and then it hit. I took the above picture from the couch holding a very lethargic, pale and sick Logan. As soon as we walked into our hotel room he threw up two times. We got everything cleaned up, ordered room service for supper, and tried to imagine how someone else was not going to get sick. The rest of the night was ok--Logan was able to get a little sleep, and didn't have any other tummy troubles. I mentally prepared for traveling with a sick baby. 
 Wouldn't you know, the morning brought good things. Logan seemed to be feeling good! I packed the diaper bag with extra care, making sure to have everything I could possibly need. We made our way through the crazy Denver airport with the kids without too much trouble. The lines for security were SO long, and between having a kid each, luggage, carry-ons and diaper bags, our arms were hurting. (We were thankful we got to check our car seats right away!) I was sweating by the time I had properly gone through security, removing things, scanning things, and holding other things. The kids did awesome. 

We were excited to be traveling with my parents and sister, and were glad to meet up with them when we made it to our gate to wait. It was fun to travel and anticipate the wedding with them, and you can imagine they all provided amazing help with the kids!!

Makenah LOVED her first plane ride. We had seats all together, and she got spoiled by my mom and sister for the 3 hour 15 minute trip. Here she is enjoying her apple juice. She'll still tell you what she thought of flying in an airplane. If you ask her, she'll say, "it was fun, it made me laugh!"(She remembers how much she laughed while having such a good time.)
 Logan's plane ride couldn't have gone smoother. He fell asleep while waiting to board, and slept all through take off and for about half the flight. He was so happy for the remainder of the flight. 
 View out my window. 
 Once we arrived in DC, we knew we had an additional 2 hour drive to Harrisonburg, where we were heading. DC proved to be busy and big too, and it took forever to get baggage, find and take the shuttle to the rental car place in the freezing cold, load car seats, and hit the road. Makenah slept on Grandpa for about an hour as we navigated baggage claim and the rental car situation. 
 I was thankful for the extra napping (and the extra fun people!) during all this. It made it a little easier for the kids to stay up later than usual.
 We stopped at Chick-fil-a on our way out of DC and made it to Aaron's house around 11:00pm. We were all exhausted, but SO excited for the next day. It was so good to see Aaron, see his house(soon to be their house!) and get settled in. 

Next: Friday decorating and wedding rehearsal!

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