Sunday, January 13, 2013

Christmas Part III

We celebrated with my family on Christmas Day, and went to my parents house, where my sister was also home from Colorado Springs. We were missing my brother and his fiancĂ© who were in Virginia counting down the final few days until their wedding on the 29th. We were all excited here in KS thinking that the next day we would be leaving for our trip to Virginia. 

The four of us got over to their house around lunch time and enjoyed eating together and planning when to open gifts and play. 
Bryan had a really long day, and was away working at the hospital for most of the celebrating. I mentioned before that he was on call for his group from the 22nd-26th, and that meant he was the doctor taking all calls, admissions, and deliveries for himself as well as the other 5 doctors' patients during all that time. In contrast to having a pretty quiet Christmas Eve, Christmas Day was busy taking patient calls, going to hospital to do admissions, delivering a baby, and working a vehicle accident. We got to have him there for lunch and then a few presents got opened, and then he was off. I was sure thankful the kids and I were with family. It would have been sad to be without him otherwise. 

Watching the snow fall.
 Licking the lid.
 The tree full of ornaments from our childhood.
 Makenah was looking at the ones with pictures from when we were little. 
I love how he sits in the high chair I used. 
 Starting the unwrapping!
 Trying to eat his present.
 Aunt Jenna got Makenah this really cool doll. It's a more modern version of what a paper doll used to be, and the clothes are magnetic. Bonus: Its a ballerina doll, whose wardrobe is full of tutus and dance outfits. It's been a new favorite! 
 Haha! We were taking off Logan's shirt and he was being silly.
 At Grandma and Grandpa's house, they'll let you blow bubbles inside! These were in her stocking.
 Grandma opening gifts from her stocking. 
 Working together. 
 Helping Aunt Jenna. Makenah was willing to help anyone open their presents. 
 Grandpa and Grandma got Makenah a recordable book, in which they had recorded themselves reading the story to her. SO SWEET!!! Of course, I was all teary eyed. 
 Grandpa needed help too. 
Lunch, stockings, presents, snacks, more presents, and then supper of yummy leftovers. And, it was so snowy and cold, it was a total white Christmas. We all received so many nice things! I am thankful we got to spend the whole day together, and thankful that Bryan was able to be around for some of it. Wouldn't you know though, Bryan never missed a beat--always had a smile, never complained, and was there for those people who needed help during the holidays. 

So, that's all the Christmas pictures I have, but there are many more events to come! 

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